Festival FAQs

How can I experience the Festival?

  • A Tasting Floor Pass
    The purchase of a Tasting Floor Pass gains you access to our exhibitors, while purchasing plus sampling tickets allows you to sample their product. This pass also includes free samples at our Urban Makers Market and Prep School.
  • VIP ticket
    The purchase of Tasting Alley tickets or a Saturday All Access pass grants you VIP admission to through a separate entrance, immediate access to the Main Tasting Floor, and entry to Après—A Masterclass in Fun!

What is included in my Festival pass?

  1. An ISO certified tasting glass
  2. Donut Wall
  3. Attend Prep School and choose from over 15 free seminars. Free Samples provided.
  4. Urban Makers Market where you can sample and purchase jams, chutneys, oil, salsas and other speciality foods. Free samples

What are Sampling Tickets?

Sampling tickets are used to sample wines, beers, spirits and foods from around the world. They cost $1.00. Samples are priced anywhere from $2.00 to $10.00 each.

How many Sampling Tickets can I buy?

A maximum of $60 of sampling tickets may be purchased at one time. Guests have the option to donate unused tickets to The Ottawa Mission Foundation. No refunds.

How can I make purchases onsite?

This is a CASH only event. Cash machines are available onsite.

Is there a dress code for the event?

The Ottawa Wine and Food Festival has a 31 year tradition of being a fashion savvy event. People get decked out. In order to ensure the health and safety of all attendees, costumes, masks and the like are prohibited. We recommend wearing a coat as it is an outside entrance.

How much is Coat Check?

The coat check is operated by the EY Centre. The cost of a coat is $3.00. All proceeds are donated to the CHEO Foundation by the EY Centre.

How do I enter the Festival?

Our host facility is the EY Centre, located at 4899 Uplands Rd. Ottawa.  It is on one level. As you walk towards the building from the parking lot or drop-off area there is a VIP Entrance on the left and the Main Entrance on the right. Watch for signage. The Tasting Alley is being held in Hall 3 this year, with a separate entrance. Guests may enter through the front door.

 How do I make the most of the Festival?

There are four easy steps to ensuring you make the most of your experience:
Step 1. Coat check
Step 2. Purchase of Sampling Tickets
Step 3. Pick up of Sampling Glass
Step 4. Enjoy the Event Responsibly
Step 5. Join us at Après- A Masterclass in FUN

What time should I arrive Saturday Night?

The Arrive after Five Ticket for Saturday means you can arrive anytime after 5:30pm and be guaranteed entry to the Main Tasting Floor. Doors open at 5:30pm. You will be processed immediately at this time. Please note that early arrival is not necessary.

Where do I park?

  1. The EY Centre has 1800 on-site parking spaces. The parking fee is $8 per car. If you want to leave your car overnight you have until noon the next day to pick it up at no additional charge.

 Are there hotels in the area?

Information coming soon.

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