Eat Drink Spring 2015

How  do I get to EY Centre?
The EY Centre (formerly known as the Ernst & Young Centre) is Eastern Ontario's largest and best-equipped event space. Conveniently located just off the Airport Parkway  at 4899 Uplands Drive, the Centre is just a 15 minute drive from downtown Ottawa. By car, take Bronson Avenue South straight on the Airport Parkway and turn right on Uplands Drive.  Ample parking is available, only $8 and no extra fee if a car is left overnight.

By bus, take OC Transpo. From downtown you can travel direct to the EY Centre with Route 97 Airport (The bus stop is not directly on the property but rather on the Airport Parkway off-ramp at Uplands). If you are travelling from the East, you can transfer from the route 94 or 95 at Hurdman station, onto the 97 Airport. If you are travelling from the west, you can transfer from the 96 or 95 at Hurdman station, onto the 97 Airport.

How can I experience Eat Drink Spring?
You can purchase tickets online at Capital Tickets for $20. Sampling Tickets purchased at the event will allow you to experience all that Eat Drink Spring has to offer.

What are Sampling Tickets?
Sampling Tickets purchased onsite for 50 cents each allow you to sample wines, beers and food at Eat Drink Spring. A maximum of $80 of sampling tickets may be purchased at one time. There are no refunds. Patrons have the option to donate unused tickets to the Ottawa Food Bank

How can I make purchases onsite?
This is a Cash only event. Cash machines are available onsite.

Is there a dress code for the event?
Eat Drink Spring is the Spring Edition of Ottawa Wine and Food Festival. Patio chic is the recommended attire.

How do I enter the event?
You will enter through the main doors of the EY Centre – no lineups!

Your Visit to Eat Drink Spring
Launch yourself into spring by following these few steps:   Step 1 Coat check Step 2 Purchase of Sampling Tickets Step 3 Pick up of Sampling Glass  Step 4 Enjoy the Event Responsibly

Eat Drink Spring Policies
  1. All patrons must be at least 19 years of age and must have valid, one-piece, government issued, photo identification. Acceptable forms of identification include: a valid Ontario driver’s license with a photograph, Canadian Passport, Canadian Citizenship Card with a photograph, Canadian Armed Forces identification card, an LCBO BYID photo card, Secure Indian Status Card, Permanent Resident Card, A photo card issued under the Photo Card Act.
  2. Patrons who appear less than 35 years of age will be asked to produce valid identification.
  3. Patron’s bags are subject to being checked at the entry of the event.
  4. Staff and management reserve the right to refuse entry or service to any individual or party.
  5. Staff and management reserve the right to inspect personal effects at any time.
  6. Children of any age are not permitted to attend the event.
  7. Smoking is not permitted at the event. In accordance with City By-law and as required by LEED building standards, all indoor and outdoor spaces within a 9m (30’) perimeter of the EY Centre are NON-SMOKING.
  8. There are no in-and-out privileges.
  9. No more than $80.00 in sampling tickets will be sold to an individual at one time.
  10. Alcohol Beverage Portion Control:Ottawa Wine and Food Festival and its spring edition "Eat Drink Spring" has established Pouring Guidelines. NOTE: Each attendee receives a glass with two pour lines on it. The pour lines indicated on the sampling glass must be adhered to. Agents are prohibited from exceeding the below stated sampling guidelines. 3oz – Beer | 1oz – Wine | .5oz – Liquor
  11. The event hours are from Friday, April 17th 4:00pm – 11:00pm and Saturday April 18th, 12:00pm – 11:00pm.  Exhibitors are prohibited from pouring samples after the indicated closing times.
  12. Individuals demonstrating signs of intoxication or exhibiting inappropriate behaviour will not be allowed to enter or will be refused service and ejected from the establishment.
  13. Please enjoy the Eat Drink Spring responsibly.